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At Thompson Jenner Financial Services we consider sound financial protection to be fundamental to the success of other planning, such as savings, investments and retirement planning.

You never know what is around the corner, so are you taking the risk that you will stay healthy?

Ill health, critical illnesses and incapacity have no discrimination. It only requires one serious event in one’s life to undo years of careful preparation and planning.

It is not until you are seriously ill that you realise how important it is to have sufficient protection to maintain your income, pay off debts, or provide the medical care that is needed without having to join a waiting list. The younger you are, the more financially devastating it is likely to be, and by then it could be too late.

Most of us know someone who has suffered from a critical illness, become disabled or seriously ill for an extended period. It is at these critical points that health protection is needed. How would you cope with little or no income coming in and yet still face all the same regular monthly bills?

However, there are some types of health-related insurance policies which are worthy of serious consideration. These include:

  • Critical Illness Protection – the cover provides a lump sum or income in the event of diagnosis of anyone diagnosed with a range of critical illnesses and conditions
  • Permanent Health Insurance – provides a replacement income up to a selected retirement age in the event that your income is lost or reduced as a result of incapacity
  • Private Medical Insurance – provides the facility to pay for hospital treatment, specialist consultations and other medical expenses immediately, rather than having to go on to NHS waiting list

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